Katedra za opštu elektrotehniku

Elektrotehnički fakultet, Univerzitet u Banjoj Luci

Multimedia Information Retrieval and Management


Dr. Vladimir Risojević,

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Describe the principle components of a multimedia information retrieval system and how they differ from other retrieval systems, most notably text information retrieval systems;
  • State the computational principles underlying both current and emerging multimedia information retrieval systems;
  • Discuss the importance of the human perception of multimedia data for the purpose of content-based retrieval;
  • Understand standards for description and retrieval of multimedia content.

Content Description:

Feature extraction from multimedia content: video, audio and text. Multimedia content description at structural (objective) and semantic (subjective) levels. Shot-boundary detection. Extraction and description of key frames. Content-based retrieval. Feature vector reduction. Semantic gap. Retrieval with relevance feedback. Retrieval using integrated objective and subjective features. Standards for description and retrieval of multimedia content.